The meaning of life

Life has no meaning. If it did have someone would have worked out what it was. Man has invented such things as ambition, status, rank, especially in the last few hundred years. It is not a meaning but a substitute for a meaning.
Nobody can be sure what happens after death but there is little evidence that there is anything. The worst would be to be around still in some form & listen to those still alive still rubbishing us.
Buddhists seek to understand the way the World really is. Buddhists substitute compassion for ambition. Buddhists realise that we are all ego driven. We are motivated by fear & depression but also by love & understanding.
In the end we die. And then what? After that we are (in time) forgotten about. There are a few exceptions but not many.
In the end what is the point of striving. It only leads to unhappiness. It leads to disappointment. Men used to put their trust in God. These days not that many people believe in God at least not in the UK. Most believers in the country are not British. We believe in the liberal values of live & let live.
One answer to the business of being alive could be self-realisation but life gets in the way. Such emotions as greed, delusion & ignorance the 3 Buddhist precepts of unhappiness are snares, which prevent understanding & contentment.
In the end it is that one moment of meditation which brings about enlightenment – that could be a meaning of life – or not.
It is hard to see why the human race continues to propagate to the extent that it does. After all homo sapiens has a brain, homo sapiens has an intellect. It must be obvious that life isn’t worth living or at least that it is a hopeless struggle for almost everyone. Nobody asked to be born. That was someone else’s decision & choice. But people bring new people into the World as though this is not the case. People say ga ga ga to babies & smile lovingly at them. There seems to be something intrinsically wonderful about young children. But some of them grow up to be criminals. The fate of some of them is even worse.
The Dalai Lama has said, if you don’t feel you can do any good try not to do any harm. That is a start. The meaning of life, if there is one, might come from that.

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