There is a plant called Graviola. It seems that it is a native species of the Amazon. But it seems that it is cultivated elsewhere including South India. There are some amazing claims made on its behalf. It is claimed that in the treatment of cancer it kills the cancer cells but ignores the good cells. It is different in this respect from, for example, chemotherapy. The problem with cancer, one of the many problems, is that it never really goes away.

One of the claims for Graviola is that it strengthens the immune system, another is that it kills cancer cells but ignores good cells.

The search for a cure for cancer has been expensive & extensive, The big C, as it is known ,is all around us. As I have mentioned many times in this blog, both my parents died of cancer. I, myself, am obsessive, in terms of diet & meditation about preventing the disease getting a foothold in my body.

The problem is that there are so many so-called miracle cures for so many health problems & actual diseases. It is claimed that Graviola has a beneficial effect upon such diseases as asthma, liver problems, arthritis and heart disease, as well as cancer. Also hypertension influenza, rashes, neuralgia, arthritis, rheumatism, high blood pressure, diarrhoea, nausea, dyspepsia, ulcers, ringworm, scurvy, malaria, dysentery, palpitations, nervousness, insomnia, fever, boils, muscle spasm.

Is there ever a panacea? If the claims are to be believed, Graviola is.

It is claimed that Graviola is expensive. It seems that 100 tablets which would last 2 weeks cost £5; that is £250 a year. Is this so expensive? I think not. Life if it is worth anything is surely worth more than £500 a year. I don’t have cancer, liver problems, arthritis nor heart disease. But if I did I would not consider £500 to be an excessive amount to spend on it.

The orthodox medical profession does seem to pour scorn on the idea that Graviola is helpful in the cure for cancer. It may be that it doesn’t work in all cases. But it is also the case that chemotherapy, radiotherapy cause great suffering in themselves & anyway do not always work.

We all die in the end anyway & many consider cancer cures worse than the disease & refuse treatment & prefer palliative care in a hospice. But treatment that can be called more natural, that is without the use of pharmaceuticals or chemotherapy would, one would hope be likely to be treatment which would enable a cancer sufferer to recover from the disease without suffering the trauma & side effects from orthodox treatment.

Were I suffering from cancer, I would certainly consider Graviola.

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