Age & Alzheimer’s

Age hasn’t ravaged me all that much. At least I don’t think it has. But we all meet our eventual demise. Our mental & physical powers do diminish. None of us are any exception to this immutable rule of mortality.

More people are living longer. Many of these people have Alzheimer’s. When you see Alzheimer’s sufferers, it brings into question the meaning of life, that is, if there is any meaning. Personally I do all I can to avoid this terrible disease. I can’t say whether I would prefer to live with Alzheimer’s or die anyway before the onset of the disease. My feeling right now in the middle of 2013 is that I would rather die than live with Alzheimer’s.

My aunt was one of the most active people you can imagine. She read books, she wrote stories. There were little hints along the way that all was not well. On one occasion, she referred to my cousin’s ex wife – who is younger than me as ‘your mum’  She loved dogs. She had a series of dogs of the same breed & anthropomorphised about them. In fact she ascribed all kinds of opinions to her dogs. I gather that she took to eating from the dog’s bowl. But many people anthropomorphise about their pets. It seems that some kind of drug treatment will alleviate Alzheimer’s. Well I am sure it will. Alzheimer’s is a bit of mystery. Unlike manic depression or bi-polar, as it is called these days, (everything is sanitised these days) sufferers don’t ever become amazingly creative. Indeed many manic depressives are in fact geniuses. Alzheimer’s just seems like living death.

It behoves all of us to do all we can to avoid this terrible disease.

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