Earthquake in Wales

There was an earthquake in Wales last night (May 28th 2013.) I didn’t even realise there were different tectonic plates underneath Wales. The question is whether the increase in earthquake activity on the planet is caused by the large Hadron Collider. Scientists tend to pour scorn on the very idea. But as I have said in previous posts, in trying to re-create the big bang, the large Hadron Collider in Cerne must, just must, be having some effect upon the planet. Of course what they say may not be true, they may not be re-creating anything, not the big bang nor anything else. Much research grants are riding on this project. Scientists publish papers & so on, appear in the media, both written & verbal, they pontificate about the primacy of science, they like to seem important, wonderful & significant. They just cannot get away with fudging this issue. Apart from anything else, one would have thought, as with case of climate change deniers, that they would err on the side of caution.

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