There is so much discord on the planet that the question is are we sleepwalking into another World War or at least a war on a massive scale. The recent events in Egypt & the all the events in Syria in last few days all presage bad outcomes. It is hard to foresee how the present tragedy being played out in the Middle East can lead to anything except any catastrophe. The military will almost certainly not hand back power now that they have killed so many people. In Egypt, there seems to have been a Tiananmen  Square every day for the last week or so. Give an army guns & they want to use the, whether to kill foreigners who don’t like them or their own countrymen who don’t like them.

If the military hand over to a civilian government & agree to take no part in the government of the country, then they will, at some point, at any rate, be held accountable. The Muslim Brotherhood are not exactly the most democratic or the most amenable of organisations; it seems that their long term aim was to Islamise Egypt & it seems unlikely that many Egyptians wanted another Iran.

When I listen to the news on the BBC World Service in the evening I am holding my breath just hoping there is no more bad news from the Middle East & North Africa. Between them these 2 countries, Syria & Egypt which for all the nature of the despots ruling them, did seem the most stable countries  in the region, there is the danger of the conflicts spreading & causing a forest fire. This time, with so many countries possessing nuclear weapons, it could be the end of civilisation as we know it, at least for several decades, by which time, climate change will have wreaked havoc for the planet anyway.

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