David Miranda

A Brazilian journalist named David Miranda was detained at Heathrow for 9 hours last Sunday.  It seems that he was carrying something which implicated the Americans in something – something nefarious.

Now that the Soviet Union & its satellites are no longer communist & no longer keep their citizens under lock & key, prevent them travelling etc, their methods are being adopted by Western governments, especially the UK government, both this one & the previous one.

As Tony Benn has said the UK doesn’t really have a foreign policy. We just take orders from America. The slight differences we have with US, over for example the hacker from the UK Gary McKinnon,  who reputedly has Aspergers, the Americans wanted to incarcerate for the rest of his life & the invasion of Granada undertaken by the Reagan administration, in spite of the fact that in theory Reagan & Mrs Thatcher got on very well are just blips. The extent to which successive British Governments kow tow to the Americans is embarrassing & shaming.  Indeed Tony Blair was so much in thrall to them that it was at times difficult to remember that he was the British Prime Minister & not an American junior minister. He is gone now & Cameron is not quite as bad as Blair. He is not quite so obsequious but like Blair he is all image & no substance. At least he has spoken out about Gaza, calling it a prison camp. But most of the time, he toes the American line.

It is time to stand up to America & assert that we the United Kingdom are an independant country not a province of the United States & that we have own more rational & ethical foreign policy.

Edward Snowden has done nothing wrong. He has informed the World of facts the World has a right to know. Now the net is being widened to include anybody who has anything to do with him.

We are sleepwalking into a police state. Miranda was held for 9 hours without access to a lawyer, which would normally be the case. At least it has normally been the case in the UK up till now. Maybe it isn’t anymore.

At the moment we do have elections. At the moment the judiciary is not controlled by the government. As far as we know, it isn’t at any rate. The police are generally polite & helpful. At least Miranda didn’t have a confession beaten out of him.

But we are being conditioned into believing that because of the terrorist threat, anything goes. Stories like this are on the news for a day or 2 & then there is little mention of them.

The question is, what was it that we are not allowed to know? We gather from the press & from the revelations of Edward Snowden that it is something to do with the United States government spying on its own citizens. It could be something else.  It could be something to do with nuclear waste or a nefarious plan to kill non-Americans. This in fact happens every day, more than 20 people are killed by US drones every day. This might be the tip of the iceberg. We, the public, don’t know what it is the CIA does on a day to day basis.

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