Diabetes epidemic

There seems to be a diabetes epidemic. Diabetes is one of the causes of Alzheimer’s. Indeed Alzheimer’s is sometimes referred to as diabetes3. An epidemic of diabetes presumably means that the epidemic amongst old people of dementia & Alzheimer’s will increase. As we all grow older, we recognise that growing old is no fun. But Alzheimer’s in particular, takes away a person’s humanity.

I visited my 97 year old aunt last week. I am not sure whether she realised she had ever seen me before or not. Many of the residents of the home seem to have reached the stage of not being normal adults at all. The young staff seem oblivious to the amazing life some of them have lead.  They do their best but it is beyond their ken to be able to communicate with them as though they are normal human beings. But, somehow, they fail. Were I in their place; that is were I a carer for patients with Alzheimer’s, I daresay I would be the same.

It behoves all of to take care of our health. As far as we know we only have one life. None of us would willingly end up with dementia or Alzheimer’s.

As far as diabetes goes, the causes are in particular, misuse of recreational drugs I would say. It is difficult when young to appreciate that harmful lifestyle choices, like smoking for example, are going to impact upon old age. Indeed, at times, it is difficult to envisage living until old age.

Myself, apart from my eyesight which from a low level, has deteriorated year by year I suppose, there is nothing as far as I know wrong with my health. On the whole, my brain seems to be working ok as well.

I suppose it is true that when I was in my 20s, I was given to finding the prospect of growing old such a distant prospect that I probably doubted if I ever would live long enough to call myself old. But I was concerned about health generally. Apparently diabetes is largely caused by excess of fat, sugar & salt in food. I daresay recreational drugs are one of the main causes not just of diabetes but of disease generally.

This is the link for diabetes


This is the link for the change4life campaign.


tips how to prevent disease through diet.

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