Terror in Kenyan shopping mall

The events in Kenya, in which it appears that Boko Haram have killed many people at a shopping centre just serve to emphasise what an unsafe World we live in, these days.  In countries like the Uk, we have a tendency to believe that we are immune from this sort of thing. But of course we are not. We have many freedoms that we have in the past taken for granted, curtailed. It is a balance. There was a terrorist outrage a few years ago, 2006, in which some Islamic suicide bombers set off bombs on public transport.  And then just after that, a plot by what could be called amateur terrorists was foiled without the bombs going off. One of the perpetrators, indeed, was found in a field.

Everything has been globalised, economics, terrorism, climate change. Incredibly there are some people, still, who deny that climate change is taking place…

In fact the shopping centre itself is an example of globalisation with its chain shops & almost identical lay-out. Go to one shopping centre & you have been to the lot.

People are struggling against this or that or at least they think they are.

Violence begets violence, the terrorists attack the mall & the government sends in the troops & many people not just the perpetrators of this violence are killed. Tragic stories abound. There seems to be no end to it.

In the end, globalisation with all its dangers has brought about a less safe World, a World in which terrorists & other criminals travel around the World with some security themselves & infiltrate normal society like a virus.

It would be good to believe that the terror attack at a Nairobi shopping mall will bring an end to global terror & violence but there is little evidence that this is so.

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