Over population

The instinct is to have children. But the instinct is not always good. The Buddha said to be born is to suffer.

This is true. Suffering is inevitable. That is the irrefutable truth.

People who have children dote on them as though nobody has ever had a child before, they regard them as property. They remind their children that they should be grateful for everything that has been done for them.

The point about children is the pressure to conform. Men & women but especially men methinks have to repress their feelings & instincts most of the time. The pressures to get a job, get married & have children – mainly.

Prisons & mental hospitals are full of people unable to do this. People are subject to their DNA but also to their upbringing. They are subject to their upbringing because people who have children shouldn’t children. In Jeet Thayil’s book Narcopolis the main character or at least one of the main characters Dimple is sold by his mother. He becomes a she & she becomes a prostitute, a he/she prostitute. His / her mother is religious. She becomes a heroin addict. She prepares heroin for other addicts

In the end Dimple like most of the other characters in the book, dies an untimely death.

Narcopolis is a great book. Life is a great tragedy for the human race & for the other species with whom we share the planet.  But we go on procreating anyway. Indeed the human race, the so-called home sapiens (big joke) inhabits the planet as though it (we) are locusts or other insects who procreate the planet almost so that there is no room for the other species.

We justify our existence as being the dominant species by dint of our achievements in taming the planet & by our many languages, by dint of the fact that we understand so much of the way the natural  world functions – in short science. We point to technology as proof that we are indeed a kind of upper species.

But at the same time, we are destroying the planet. We have the intelligence but not the intellect to care for the planet. Instead we are intent upon inhabiting it, taming nature, in short destroying all in our way.

Greed & selfishness, shadenfreude, brutality, cruelty, these are the qualities which characterise the human race, this is the world in which people are so keen to bring others into the World, new people, babies, people who grow up to endure life’s suffering.

Many end up in mental hospitals & prisons, outcasts & despised, mocked, the butt of jokes & derision. John Major said we should understand less & condemn more. But then what would you expect from a politician & a Tory politician at that?. A Prime Minister who is after all the leader of a country should be more circumspect in his language.  John Major himself was no paragon of virtue.  It was he who had an affair with a married woman, a Government minister, Edwina Currie.

 The human race is heading like the Gadarene Swine over the cliff. The planet is groaning under the weight of such a large population. It is about to break. The human race is about to consume  itself.

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