I have received an invitation to a discussion group. The subject is death. It says that death is the elephant in the room; that it is never talked about. But this is not true. I do talk about it a great deal. I think people do talk about it. In fact most of my friends talk about death a great deal, especially their own. We all die in the end. Some like to leave behind something that will afford a certain immortality. Others think like Robert Graves that to invoke immortality is to weep on your own grave. It is true that some do worry about what is said about them after they die. Personally I don’t; though I do sometimes wonder whether anybody will in fact turn up to my funeral & what will be said. Even scoundrels have nice things said about them at their funerals – usually at any rate.

There are 2 possibilities after you die; after I die; after anybody dies. There is life after death or there isn’t. Either way, why worry? It is a short span of life on this planet that any of us have, although at times, especially when young, it may seem like an eternity. Some people believe in life after death, some people believe in reincarnation. Exactly what it is that is reincarnated I don’t know.

I do wonder myself whether there is life after death. On the whole, I don’t believe there is. But I could be wrong. After death, maybe something happens. Maybe the departed travel through space until  they come to a safe haven of trees & likeminded people & stay there forever. Maybe it takes a million years & then forever. Maybe life after death is eventually total happiness, but maybe not.

The notion of heaven & hell is completely improbable but there might be something. The notion of God is hard to understand.

If there is a God, why would he allow man to despoil his creation & also to decimate all his creations.

Were there a God, it would actually be quite easy to affect the collective unconscious of the entire homo sapiens species. Ideas often seem to originate simultaneously in different parts of the globe. Would a God allow man to wage war….   or the system of predation which exists in the wild. I think not.

I don’t need a discussion group about death. I am well aware that I am on the brink. I am well aware that death, in a sense, is always imminent. Life is finite. Most things are finite. Even the Universe is finite. Time isn’t but lifespan is.

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