soul destroying jobs

Once again, the issue of youth unemployment is being highlighted. It is the system that is at fault not the people. It isn’t a glitch. It is the entire system.

It is as though it is an immutable law, almost a law of nature, that society demands everybody to be doing what is know as gainful employment.

We are living in days of dire climate disasters. It is obvious that life as we know it is coming to an end. Yet the mantras of 20th century capitalism continue to be spouted but the high priests of capitalism. Most of the time, they make no sense at all. The mystery of the stock exchange use such phrases as futures. Which means something I suppose. But we have no future. At least capitalism as it is run at the moment has no future.

Jobs that people include working in banking & making a lots money. It includes telesales, a job which entails, selling to people goods & services which on the whole they don’t want. Most jobs are completely unproductive.

My goodness, youth unemployment is such a problem. There seems to be no way of chaining up young people to conveyer belts & putting them to working in shops, building sites, callcentres, hospitals or schools. As a result they feel …  suicidal apparently. But they would only have to do these jobs for a week or 2 to see how dreadful they are, how soul destroying they can be. Getting a job can be mean working in a sweat shop in Bangladesh. It can mean being buried alive in a collapsed building.

Getting a job is one of the mantras of 20th century capitalism. It seems to be the raison d’être of everything, life, the reason for living. It seems that the love of other people suffering transcends everything. At one time we told how in the future, the future that has become now, that we were due to be living lives of happiness & leisure. We would lead such a lovely life with the drudgery taken out of our lives.

But now, we are being watched by CCTV, almost continually & we face environmental catastrophe. There are more people in prison than ever before & the pressure is on to get a job.

We live in a corrupt society where the undeserving  take the spoils. Those who step out of line are excoriated.

Those leaders who dare to believe that things can be otherwise are sometimes assassinated, like, for example Salvadore Allende. He was assassinated because Henry Kissinger said that in electing him the Chilean people had made the wrong choice.

Of course, on the whole, people don’t want a job. The majority of people hate the job that they do. Many of them are just counting the days until their retirement. What people actually want is enough money to live on without having to work. If this were not so, nobody would ever buy lottery tickets.

There is no denying that most people do like modern gadgets. But once the novelty value has worn off they cease to make them happy.

People are born, then they suffer with brief periods when they are not suffering, a state which is sometimes called happiness, they experience some excitement, they experience enslavement to this or that, often to their desires & then they die.

People, especially famous people are often asked if they regret anything.

John Betjeman said he regretted not having had more sex. Usually people say no they have no regrets. It is a pointless question anyway. Looking back on one’s life – something, which let’s fact it we all do a  lot, is pointless. The past is gone. We have to face the future. We have to face up to the fact the planet is being despoiled by the human race more & more every day.

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