Erbil is on the border or Iraqi Kurdistan & Iran. It contains much of the forbidden fruit of Western Capitalism I gather. Reports vary as to the present state in the Islam versus secularism game. There is much tension between the secular & the religious. In other parts of the World, the secular has won – eventually. When I was growing up in the late fifties & early sixties almost everyone in this country professed themselves to be Christian. Atheists were few. I remember also being taught that it would be impossible for man to walk upon the moon – ever. These days secularism is the overwhelming norm.

In the Middle East & North Africa religion, both Muslim & Christian are both strong. The modern World has not penetrated to the extent that the people feel that they can throw off the shackles of religion. In America, it is obvious that there are many who do not believe in any religion but who do not say so because to do so would attract much opprobrium to the extent that they might lose their jobs. But everywhere in the World secularism is on the increase.

Iranians if they are not prevented by the religious police travel across the border into Erbil. In general the Kurds are a modern people, secular with a socialist bent. In Erbil, they, Iranian youth, can let their won, dance & drink alcohol. The days of Khomeini being welcomed rapturously in Tehran are long since gone. The edges of the régime are looking frayed. It seems that young longer admire or aspire to religious purity. They want the freedoms of the West & this includes the pleasure of the flesh without fearing Islamic retribution.

Nothing lasts forever. Even the Feudal System came to an end in the end.

Erbil maybe is the worm in the machine which will incubate & spread in the Islamic Republic.

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