John Lennon

Were he still alive, John Lennon would be such a force in the World. The other Beatles were such an anodyne lot, not worth the space they took up in the World.

Only Lennon cared about the World. Only Lennon wanted to change the World. The Beatles were a mediocre group of individuals who just happened along at a particular time when people especially young people needed to break free. The sixties saw an explosion of ideas, some of them new. It was a time when it really did seem that a more democratic & liberal society was just round the corner. In a sense this optimism was justified. Pop music & the Beatles in particular represented, at least to some extent, this trend. Certainly their songs were catchy & to some extent different.

The Beatles were packaged in much the same way as are groups today. But much is made of their originality. Tony Palmer made the ludicrous claim that the Lennon / McCartney songs were as good as the songs of Schubert. But that was how it was. It seemed that we were living in a time when much change & much change for the better was taking place. We threw the baby out with the bathwater. Now we are left with anarchy. We are left with a generation who seem to have little meaning in their lives. On the whole, this generation seem uninterested in such issues as human, rights, environmental degradation, proliferation of the arms trade.

Perhaps I am wrong. Perhaps it has always been this way; perhaps even then, the majority of young people were bored by real issues.

Change is needed. We are heading, like the Gadarene swine towards the cliff. Someone has to start somewhere. Climate change & the economic system known as capitalism are bringing about catastrophe. Politicians & others are reluctant to point this out but the chasm beckons.

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