Iran pulls the wool over John Kerry’s eyes

Iran seems to be in John Kerry’s good books. It is hard to know, with all of their problems just how worried American is about Iran acquiring nuclear weapons. They may be. But America has so many problems, domestic & otherwise, that probably it is only Israeli pressure which gives them any interest at all.

The truth is that if Iran is determined to acquire nuclear weapons, there is very little that the United States or anyone else can do about it. Israel would like to attack Iran but throughout its short history Israel has been at war with its neighbours & its own people. The state of Israel was created by usurping the people already living there. Its main neighbours, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan & Syria tolerate Israel because it is strong.

President Hassan Rouhani has been much praised for, at least in theory, his stance over the nuclear issue.

But his human rights record is worse than that of Ahmadinejad. It can be argued that in Iran, the President has no real power. That may be true. Nut Rouhani is taking the credit for the thawing of relations between the United States. It is hard to know what is really going on. In fact the number of executions during Rouhani’s brief period has accelerated. He dresses like a cleric which to me is disturbing.

Rouhani became more of a liberal, at least in theory, when he realised that the opinion polls showed that he was ahead. In the end he won by a landslide.

It is sickening to hear Jack Straw praising the Iranian authorities as being democratic. Useful idiots such as Jack Straw & Galloway peddle the myth that Iran is a modern democratic state. Indeed Jack Straw’s interview on the World Service earlier on this week completely exploded the myth that he has any integrity. The very idea that Iran is a modern progressive state which is what Jack Straw says Iran is, is not just laughable but  a dangerous untruth.

Iran is busy polishing up its image. In general, the rest of the World is being taken in.

But what will the future hold? It looks as though Iran may succeed in putting its image as a modern democratic state instead of the mediaeval state that it is. They are ruled by old men in beards. The demographics are of mainly young men ruled by a theocracy.

From the outside, it looks as though it could go either way. It is hard to know what the internal dynamics are. For all we Westerners, know, there are sufficient convinced Muslims to enable the régime to continue. But it does seem unlikely. The Mullahs are likely for one reason & another to attempt hang onto power. Unfortunately, the Arab Spring seems to have come to nothing. It could be that in Iran, dissent will come to nothing.

In the meantime it is up to all of us privy to the truth about human rights abuses in Iran to make sure the issue doesn’t go away.

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