Don’t let their heartbeat stop on St Valentine’s Day

Prisoners in Iran are denied medical treatment. Whether they live or die is of no consequence to the authorities. Many of them are guilty of being mohareb, that is one who wages against God. It is akin to burning witches in Europe in mediaeval times.

On Valentine’s Day we will remember these victims. The poor people condemned to die because they are deemed not sufficiently religious enough for the Mullahs. In Iran it is enough to defy the authorities in the slightest way to end up in prison. In the prisons, the inmates are tortured & often executed. The condemned have to line up to be beaten or to be hanged. Often  prisoners are refused visits from their families, even when they are dying whether from disease or because they are condemned to death. They die from diseases in which there is these days medical help available. The people of Iran are suffering under the yoke of a  theocracy; a medieaval theocracy at that.

In the West, we are so overwhelmed by reports of terrible suffering that we try to turn our backs on it.

We  in the West sometimes make the mistake of believing that anybody from the Middle East & North Africa  are Muslim. But this is far from case. Many are atheist, many are Christian, some are Judaic. Often it is these who suffer. They are considered to be infidel. Those who turn away from Islam are what is known as apostates.  The penalty for being an apostate is death. Salman Rushdie for example had a fatwah upon his head because of his book Satanic Verses. He was an apostate or perhaps he wasn’t. Maybe originally he was a Christian or a Hindu or maybe he never believed in anything. I have a friend from Iran who consistently has to explain that she is not a muslim – she is an atheist. In Iran this is a crime, it is waging war on God. The paradox of it all seems lost on the apparatchiks of the theocracy.

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