Haiti 2014

In Haiti, the devastating effects of the 2010 earthquake were compounded by the cholera outbreak. It was identified as coming from South Asia. It has had a devastating effect upon Haiti. It has spread to neighbouring countries. Diseases have often in history been a driving for change. In England it brought about the end of the Feudal System. In Haiti it has increased the urgency in providing greater hygiene for the people, many Haitians don’t have running water.

It seems that cholera was brought to Haiti by the Nepalese contingent of the United Nations. Undoubtedly some progress has been in Haiti but whether it will slide back to its previous state of poverty…

Previously it had been ruled by the Duvalier dynasty who brought terror & despotism to the country. Duvalier junior was forced to leave the country in 1986 but returned after the earthquake & seems to be in favour again. There are clamours for him to be put on trial. But Haiti has other things to worry about. Justice is a much overused word. It seldom has any meaning. Duvalier was a bad & tyrannical leader but Haiti is busy trying to make life bearable for the rest of its inhabitants.

There has been much aid poured into Haiti. The United Nations is congratulating itself on its efforts. Yet there remain 4 years after the earthquake many homeless. The figure is reported to be 600,000 in October 2013; that is people living in camps. The world has certainly been taking its time. How long before everybody is housed? Already it is 4 years. Of course it was an absolutely devastating earthquake but these poor people have had to endure these conditions more than 4 years. At the present rate, one supposes that it will be 2 or 3 years before the camps are closed down. Crime is rampant in n Haiti. Disease is rife. The people rely on hand outs. And the place remains in an earthquake zone.

It is impossible to prevent earthquakes. They just happen. It is certain that man will never be able to control the tectonic plates. Certain areas of the World seem to be more unstable than others. In Japan for example, hundreds of earthquakes occurs every year. The Tsunami of 3 years ago was but one but was the most severe earthquake in living memory. In the UK, where I live, also an island state, we hardly ever have earthquakes & when we do, they are minute.

The Haiti earthquake was an opportunity by the rest of the World to create the New Jerusalem. Instead of which, progress has been slight & the people are, on the whole, still suffering greatly from the event. Religious groups have been muscling in seeking converts, aid agencies have been giving some help, some of it aid without strings. But the population remain one of the poorest on the planet.

What with the earthquake, the cholera epidemic, the arcane social system which includes slavery have combined to ensure that the recovery process since the 2010 amounts to not much.

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