work & non work

The actor, who has spent his life as a character in a soap opera said, “I would like to get back to work”. So that is what he calls it. Work can be anything & that is the problem. It can be working down a mine, it can be being a judge sending fellow human beings to prison for decades or in many other countries to their death. It can be working in a shop or a call centre or it can be playing professional sport. It can be playing music.

It is hard to believe that the women who have made the allegations against him would have done so were they not true. But the court said he was innocent, so he must be. Guilt & innocence, work & whatever the opposite is are hard to define. People who do the most useful & essential jobs are paid the least. People take pride in their jobs or they don’t. Sometimes people think that the job they are doing is beneath them. A female friend said to me a decade or 2 ago that she was looking for a job & would do anything. I said you could get a job as a waitress (which incidentally, is one of the most complicated jobs there is & requires a high degree of intelligence) She said, oh no I didn’t mean that.

In general when people talk about work, they are talking about suffering. There is a high degree of shadenfreude in work. We like to think that others are suffering in their jobs as much as we are. We resent others enjoying themselves. At least that seems to be the perception. I have nothing against actors acting, footballers playing football, tennis players playing tennis or musicians playing music. But there ought to be 2 words for work where there is now one. Or maybe there ought to be 3 words or even 4. The nature of what people do is so vastly different. Some people have talent. That is just the way it is. They normally end up earning lots of money & they often end up believing that they are better than other people because of one or the other or both.

When someone well known dies it is a cause for much mourning. When somebody obscure dies, few care; in fact few even know.

That is how life is. Many are called but few are chosen. Much art & writing & acting & so on are not done by the best but by the nomenclature. The same people are chosen time & again to, for example, to write radio plays. I remember several decades ago, one Saturday, there were 3 radio plays or adaptation on the one day by one person; his name is Allen Sadler. We don’t seem to hear of him these days. Maybe he never existed. The name might have been a nom de plume for a collective.

Guilt can be anything. It can be being opposed to the system, whatever that system is. It can be taking part in a peaceful demonstration or it can be something truly dreadful. Take Edward Snowden. Is he actually guilty of anything? The American government seems to think he is guilty of the most heinous of crimes. Most of the rest of the world acclaim him.

In the West we have created societies which are a kind of paradise. Much of the rest of the World has become a hell hole full of irrational violence & poverty. In these places true suffering prevails.

The actor has been found not guilty. All that means is that the evidence was not conclusive. He claims to have had sex with over a 1,000 women. He must have been prodigiously attractive if there was no coercion involved in any of these conquests.

The 21st century has evolved in a strange way where what is valued is the shallow & superficial & where true worth is derided.

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