Immigration is such a hot topic. People seem to be complaining left, right & centre about it. Even enlightened people – or at least those we have assumed to be enlightened – seem to be jumping on the bandwagon. In the comment section of the various pieces on the internet about Yashika Bageerathi – at least those that I have read, she seems to have garnered little sympathy. Yet she is a model citizen, more so, I daresay, than many of those condemning her. The World is a mess. In theory, it should be ok for anyone to live anywhere. But obviously this is not possible. The twentieth century & the first part of the 21st century has vast swathes of refugees travelling from continent to continent. It started during World War II. The Nazis invaded, occupied & enslaved (albeit for only a year or 2 before they were driven out) most of Europe & much of the Soviet Union. Since World War II & the ending of the European empires, Africans especially have aspired to better lives. Latterly it has been people from East & Central Europe.
The term economic migrant has been much used to denote something detrimental about those who travel abroad to work. In fact work & jobs have become so sacrosanct that they are only allowed for the few, it seems.
In the case of Yashika, she seems to be something of a phenomenon; it appears that she has many great qualities as well as talent.
It appears that the whole family is about to be removed. To me, it seems inconceivable. But this is what nearly all European countries are doing. That is they are busy removing people who were not born in their country. Britain is not the worst offender. America, The United States of America that is, has 400,000 people in detention centres awaiting deportation; most of them one gathers to Mexico. Of course New Mexico from whence cometh the migrants or at least through, was annexed by the United States, together with California & Texas in the 19th century. This is not so different from Russia annexing the Crimea; in fact come to think of it, it is exactly the same & America is becoming extremely sanctimonious about that…
America is a land of migrants. The true & rightful owners of the land are the indigenous so-called Indians.
But I digress. The point is that there is much xenophobia around. Foreigners are (I suppose) feared. Often they are despised.
Those of us who feel that on the whole visitors to the country are guests who greatly benefit the country & add to the well-being of the country seem to be in a minority. The internet is full of xenophobia. People are very cruel. The present wealth of this country was built a long time ago on empire & slavery. But people don’t look at it that way. Gordon Brown found himself in deep trouble when he referred to a woman who was going on about Polish immigrants, I think it was, as a bigoted old woman, which is exactly what she was & presumably still is. He had to apologise for what he said which was deeply humiliating for him & for those of us who agree with him on the subject. If he had realised that he had failed to turn off the microphone he would (presumably) not have said it.
Politicians have to pander to the bigots. It really is humiliating for those of us who deplore the racism that it engenders. Immigrants have been the making of this country. Ed Miliband himself was vilified when some entirely untrue allegations were made about his father, by a paper whose antecedents supported Hitler. Miliband’s father was a distinguished academic who happened to be a Marxist. He came to Britain to escape Nazi persecution & served in the Royal Navy. Yet even Ed Miliband talks about restricting immigration. Perhaps there are too many people in the country. It is certainly true that London is very crowded these days – dare I say it – overcrowded. But this fact becomes xenophobia. The human race needs to learn compassion. We need to replace blind prejudice with understanding. Those of us who do not depend upon votes are not forced to humiliate ourselves by saying what we do not mean.
Fear of immigrants is based upon fear; a fear which is not justified. The case of Yashika Bageerathi is deeply shocking. She is exactly the sort of person we need in this country. The country is all the worse without her. She is a person with intelligence & compassion – unlike many (I presume) of those calling for the removal of her & others.

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