Roya Saberinejad Nobakht & Ghoncheh Ghavami

Reynah Jabbari was an Iranian woman who was executed because she killed the man who she said tried to kill her. In general, there has been much sympathy for her. Not all comments on the internet have been sympathetic to her. She was hanged on the 25th of October. She claims that she was drugged & then the man tried to rape her. It was claimed that she had planned to kill him all along because she had a penknife on her etc etc. In other words it is ok in Iran to rape a woman because she isn’t allowed to defend herself. It is crazy. If she had been raped it would have been she who would have been in trouble because she would have been guilty of being immoral (or something). There was an international outcry about it. But there were many who had little sympathy for her. I am not one of those. It is true that in part, sympathy for her has been garnered because she is good looking. This is a shame. But it is how the World is, especially with women. Were the victims old & ugly males, there would probably be no interest at all.
At the moment, there are 2 British Iranian women in Iranian prisons. It is said that they are both in Evin prison, the worst & most notorious prison in Iran. They are Roya Saberinejad Nobakht & Ghoncheh Ghavami. Their cases haven’t attracted as much attention as they should have. Roya was sentenced to 20 years for writing on her Facebook page that the régime in Iran was too Islamic. There were all sorts of weird charges. It was said that she was inciting riots or something, trying to overthrow the government, that sort of thing. Ghoncheh Ghavami was condemned for trying to watch a volleyball match, which women aren’t allowed to do, in case they see men or something.
As has been pointed on Facebook & elsewhere on the internet, whilst in prison she will probably be raped anyway.
Both these women will be lucky to emerge alive. It is hard to know how long Roya will be in prison. It may not be that long. A reasonably satisfactory solution would be for both of them to be released back to the UK in a gesture of goodwill to the UK. There would presumably have to be a quid pro quo but what exactly that would be is hard to say. Something to with the truly evil Islamic State terror group or the nuclear issue, one presumes.
The British government has done little about it as far we know. There may have been representations that we have not been told about. But somehow it doesn’t seem very likely. It isn’t a subject which has attracted much media attention, presumably because although the women are British nationals, they were not born in the UK & many would regard them as foreign. The UK is a cosmopolitan country. There are immigrants from the EU, from the Commonwealth & elsewhere. There are refugees. There are those who are living illegally. There are those who have married somebody British. In fact I am not sure how Roya & Ghoncheh came to have British passports. But that as it may, they do have.
The government of Iran has somehow managed to sort of get away with it. Get away with human rights abuses but it is not universally seen as one of the bad guys. But their human rights record is appalling. Apart from the issue of the mistreatment of women is the issue of the hundreds of executions which take place every year.
I would like you all to read this from the Human Rights Watch website about Reynah Jabbari.
as it, inter alia, says, the death penalty is irreversible.
Of these 3 women Reynah Jabbari is no longer with us. Roya Saberinejad Nobakht & Ghoncheh Ghavami are but are in mortal danger. They need the help of the British Foreign Office.

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