Prince Andrew & the monarchy – a dying institution

Something has happened on the internet. There seems to have been a news black-out on the royal family. These people still exercise some power but it is almost invisible, almost… it doesn’t take much to work out what is going on. Yesterday MSN & Yahoo were full of the story of Prince Andrew & the allegations that he has had sex with at least one under age female. Today the stories are nowhere to be seen. Yesterday, apparently, the story was no. 1 trending, today, it is nowhere.
This is the link for the story
It details Andrew’s various women; women, that is, that he has dated, s the expression is. No doubt he has done more than that. If he has had with one under age woman – a euphemism for a child – then he has probably done it with more than one, maybe many.
Presumably what is called the establishment, the church, the civil service, the aristocracy, the armed forces, the police, parliament itself, the cabinet including the Prime Minister himself have made the decision that the matter should go no further & put pressure on the written press & the electronic media, to remain silent on this matter. It is hard to foresee how it will end. Presumably though the courts in America aren’t going to let the matter drop. And in the end the truth will out which indeed it may have already.
Still there are those prepared to defend him, Prince Andrew, in spite of all the sleaze & scandal surrounding him. Among those who have stood up & defended him is Boris Johnson which suggests that he believes there is nothing wrong with an adult having sex with a child. In which case we need to know if Boris Johnson is himself guilty of this.
The idea of monarchy dates back to the beginning of time. Ruthless men grabbed power & then claimed that they were acting on behalf of God. Their offspring & then the descendants thereof may even have believed them.
The key to the survival of the monarchy was the hereditary principle. In fact the hereditary principle still survives sometimes without the aid of a claim to divine right. Syria & North Korea are just examples of sons taking over after the father died. Democracy has proved to be a bit of an illusion. In some of the Arab Spring countries the hereditary principle has just continued. In fact if we consider America, their some semblance of the hereditary principle. There are the Kennedys – part form anything else Al Gore is part of the Kennedy family, the Bushs, the Roosevelts… no doubt there are other examples, many of them, further down the pecking order.
Monarchy was its peak in the Middle Ages, when the Feudal System prevailed. Under it the serfs, the people of the country that is, the people she were serfs were tied to the land. They were the property of the Lord who owned the land. If they tried to escape they were branded & returned.
Down the ages, the monarchy has tried to hold onto as much power as it could. James II, I think it was or it might have been one of the other Stuarts – there wasn’t much difference between one or the other of them – said that a free monarchy meant that he, the monarch, was free to do whatever he liked. Charles I was overthrown. Cromwell who installed himself as the dictator of this country – he defined himself as Lord Protector – whatever that was supposed to mean – cut of the Kings head. Elizabeth I cut off the head of the Queen of Scotland. Gradually the power of the monarchy has been eroded. These days it is thought to be nothing more than a figurehead but it does in fact have some strange & mysterious powers. It appears that they can, for example, veto government bills – that is pieces of prospective legislation, laws & so on. It also appears that they can prevent the media printing detrimental views of them. It seems that programmes on BBC which have something or other that the Royals didn’t like have been pulled.
Queen Victoria was very unpopular mainly because she became a recluse after the death of her husband. Somehow the monarchy have managed to navigate through rough waters, scandals & setbacks, especially in recent years. I can’t believe this will last. The monarchy seems to be popular when religious faith is on the wane & vice versa. I can’t see religious faith being on the up but you never know…
Prince Andrew is quite a sleazy character. If it wasn’t for the fact that he is in fact royal, hardly anyone would have heard of him. He doesn’t do much & is paid a quarter of a million pounds a year for doing not much.
These days, people widely excoriate the Royal Family but excuse the Queen from this & to some extent William & Catherine. Those such as Hilary Mantel who offered the most mild of criticism of Kate brought the dogs of war upon herself. These days people are not much caught up in the mystique of the monarchy so much although there is some of that. There seems to be within people the need to admire, love even something or somebody who seems glamorous. We can understand it without condoning it.
In the end people are going to get bored by their antics, by their parasitism, but their uselessness & most of all by the fact that they seem to believe themselves better than the rest of us. They seem to believe in the principle of divine right.
The embers of a dying & irrelevant institution are dying out before our eyes. We are witnessing the last rites. People are coming to see that the monarchy is worse than irrelevant, it is dangerous & unnecessary. We should open the doors to democracy. We should become a republic, just like most other European countries.

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