Greek & German antipathy

The more you look at the current crisis of capitalism in Greece, the more sympathy you have for the Greeks
The problem is that the crimes of Nazi Germany were so great that no matter how much financial compensation the Germans offer or actually pay can in no way compensate for the Russian campaign, the holocaust, forced labour camps, the blitz, Poland. Czechoslovakia & the other East & Central Europe countries, etc. Many countries occupied by them didn’t really fight back. The French for example during the 1st 2 years that they were occupied didn’t kill a single German soldier. They sent more Jews to Germany than Hitler asked for. We shouldn’t condemn countries for not fighting back. The Germans shouldn’t have invaded them in the first place. Most countries were either invaded by them & occupied by them & the people just wanted to get on with their lives. In World War II near on 100 million people lost their lives. If you read memoirs of the Germans during World War II, the writers of these memoirs dwell at length on their own suffering & only mention in passing or not at all the suffering that they themselves inflicted. I mean, has there ever been a more evil monster than Hitler? His plan was to conquer the entire World; in fact an absurd plan which doomed all his military aspirations & his country to military defeat because they were simply fighting on too many fronts. Some countries fought back. The Norwegians for example. Willie Brandt, who was Chancellor from 1969 to 1974 fought with the Norwegian resistance during the war. When he went to Poland he knelt before a memorial to Jewish victims of the holocaust. He certainly was a good man but it is hard to think of many other Germans of that time who were. But many Germans steadfastly condemned him until his death & indeed afterwards for fighting against the Fatherland as the Nazis liked to call their country. Angela Merkel, in fact has a murky past, implicated not with the Nazis but the communists. After the wall came down, she decided that she was a right wing politician. She is a Christian Democrat Chancellor. Her father was a Lutheran pastor. He owned 2 cars & was allowed to travel freely between East & West, an almost unheard of privilege. She is only World leader who speaks Russian & English fluently. She claims to believe in God.
The Germans have paid compensation of a sort. They haven’t paid a huge amount of money. The amount they paid wasn’t going to inconvenience them nor was it going to help the nations it was paid to, greatly.

Der Spiegel reports that ex-Chancellor Helmut Kohl’s draughtsmen deliberately avoided the term “Peace Treaty” in 1990 partly because they knew it would trigger Greek claims for the repayment of a 476 million Reichsmark loan that was forcibly extracted from Greece during the Nazi occupation. Analysts put the value of that loan today at up to €11 billion (although a report prepared by Greek experts puts it at €100 billion).
I found the above somewhere on the internet.

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, the elected ruler, albeit the ruler of the country, wasn’t even born at the time of the World War II – as indeed I wasn’t. But she has sought to deflect from the fact that most Germans don’t care about the issue; the issue that is that the Germans want to sweep the issue under the carpet. But it won’t go away so easily. The Germans launched 2 wars in the 20th century; now in the early part of the 21st century, the issue won’t go away. In the first World War about 16 million people died in the 2nd World War it was almost 100 million. The Germans are the main culprits in this carnage. Angela Merkel recently visited Japan & tried to deflect from the issue by accusing the Japanese of not facing up to their war crimes. The implication being that they the Germans had. But this cannot be the case. Scratch a German & you’ll find a Nazi. I mean, The Greek debt isn’t that much. Ther Germans might as well forgo the money. If they don’t, they might be stirring up a hornet’s nest. The people of most of the European countries subjugated by the Germans will never forgive them. Apart from anything else, the Germans owe the Greeks 11 billion Euro because of a debt forced upon the Greeks during the occupation of Greece during World War II.
Angela Merkel’s attempt to defuse the situation – the situation of the Greeks bringing up the issue of the war wasn’t defused by attempting to deflect the spotlight onto the Japanese; it fooled no-one. The truth is that we all want to believe that the Germans truly penitent about the war but they aren’t. The truth is that they got away with it. What should have happened is that after the war Germany should have been completely dismantled. The territory should have been given to the surrounding countries. The map of Europe would have looked somewhat different but the German issue would have been settled once & for all.
The Germans say that they want Greece to be competitive as though the laws of capitalist economics are immutable. They are not. Apart from anything else if every country became what is called competitive, the Germans themselves would make only a little money from the system. The contradictions in capitalism will only stop an implosion if it is flexible & the rules are broken frequently. They talk about German taxpayers working to subsidise the Greeks. During World War II millions including Greeks worked as slaves to the Germans building bombs, V1 & V2 rockets & other armaments. They were not fed properly & when they were too weak to work they were killed. Ther Germans must face up to this.
The other side of the argument is that the Greeks don’t pay any tax & they don’t work much & they are unsympathetic to others, refugees for example, who are in dire straits. I know this. But it doesn’t deflect from the basic facts of the case nor the injustices that Greeks have suffered.

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