The ways of the World

So Kraft is merging with Heinz. I think it is Heinz which has numerous adverts on commercial radio. But I don’t take too much notice of these things. It think the advert says, it has to be Heinz. I don’t why they think anyone would be taken in by this.
Shell has taken over a company called BG (it is the first time I have ever heard of them) for 70 billion uk pounds. Such is the way of the World.
It seems like only yesterday; it was a year or 2 ago when Kraft took over Cadburys which was said to be a quintessentially British company. Jobs depended on it etc etc. Kraft gave certain assurances about that but as soon as they done the deal, they reneged on these promises. I don’t think anyone was surprised.
Big corporations rule the World. They are unaccountable, they pay little tax, they move around the world looking for the cheapest labour & the more oppressed. They care little about the workers or their conditions or pay they receive. They seem to believe, the rulers & the people who manage & run these companies that just because they have much money & some power that they are better than the rest of us who don’t.
I don’t know how big Heinz is. I don’t think it was that big in the sixties & seventies when I was growing up. It was mainly famous because it was run by an Irish rugby player, Tony O’Reilly.
When I was growing up, I did often ask myself how it came to be that people had such businesses. In fact I don’t think we were taught anything about business & about capitalist economics at school. In fact we weren’t taught anything about economics at all. One teacher, masters as we called them, admired Chinese communists, collective farms & so on. I assume he didn’t know anything about the implementation of the system; the millions who died & the abject failure of the system. The problem, one problem, is that capitalism itself has so many problems, problems of inequity, the contradictions haven’t yet seen its downfall but the logic of the system is that in the end it will destroy itself.
So now Kraft & Heinz have merged. It is neither good news nor bad news. It is just the way the system works.
The mantra always seems to be jobs. To me, this idea is exactly why the planet is in the state it is. it is a moral chimera. The issue has become a moral one or at least a so-called moral issue. In fact it is nothing of the sort. He who doesn’t work doesn’t eat as Lenin said. Or at least something like that. At the time the Soviet Union was in crisis; in fact it was during all of its existence until the very end when it was finally scrapped by Yeltsin – or maybe it was his predecessor Gorbachev. Gorbachev certainly laid the ground for its abolition.
The so-called laws of capitalism – by which all of the World’s economies are governed are treated as though they are immutable. We hear phrases – although not so much these days – like you can’t buck the markets. This isn’t even true or untrue. It just makes no sense. Apparently we all have to be competitive. Jobs, innovation, competitiveness, growth etc etc. Capitalism is based on the movement of capital but all these accoutrements weigh in.
It has come to head over the EU & Greece. In capitalist terms Greece has broken the rules. But they have created many jobs – many of them, it is true, kind of non-jobs. For example it is said & may be true that there are more people who work on the railways than there are passengers.
It must be admitted that most people do buy into the corporate dream. That is to say that they buy food & other goods from this supermarket specifically. They show pride in showing loyalty to this supermarket or that. It is said that there is competition between big companies. But in reality the competition is mainly to screw customers & staff & make money for those who own the company. It really is absurd, capitalism. It seems to produce what is called prosperity or something but in reality it just creates envy & unhappiness.
The real question is, does life has any meaning?
I assume the answer is no. We are born procreate, try to shove away the hurt, try to feed ourselves. We try to find some reason for our existence. But there is none. Now that not many people believe in the Christian religion there is little meaning apart from soap operas, football, consumerism generally & other superficialities which don’t bring lasting contentment. Religion used to bring meaning. The only people it brings meaning to these days are crazed Islamic fanatics & it seems unlikely (to me at least) that they are happy.
We just happen to be in that in this solar system, in this part of the universe which sustains life. This crazy species to which we belong – homo sapiens – has made itself top dog. But we haven’t worked how to combine our super intelligence with happiness.
State socialism didn’t work in the Soviet Union & its satellites nor in China or Cuba or the Mozambique & one or two other countries. But that doesn’t mean to say that capitalism is a good or logical system.
The meaning of life isn’t within the capitalist system. The rules of capitalism aren’t immutable. Yet, people talk as though they are. With the onset of climate change & Islamism, it looks like the world & its ways, the present ways, the capitalist ways are coming to an end.

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