Greece’s crisis

Greece seems to be on the verge. In certain quarters, they are being treated as pariahs. It is as though the entire country is a crime organisation.
But Greece hasn’t invaded any other country. It hasn’t taken any land from another country. It hasn’t carpet bombed anybody. It hasn’t executed or kidnapped anybody. It hasn’t made slaves of anybody – at least not for several thousand years. It doesn’t produce & export arms. It doesn’t possess nuclear weapons. It hasn’t threatened its neighbours it hasn’t committed genocide on anyone. It doesn’t torture prisoners. It holds fair & free elections & frequently changes government.
What it has done is break the rules of capitalism. Greece has overspent on its income. That is all. Economics is the post World War II religion. Issues such as human rights, peace, justice are not really valued very much.
So why is Greece being treated with such disdain? Indeed the country is being treated with contempt & hatred even.
It seems just wrong. In fact the amount of money owed by Greece is not that much. It is made up to be. The international press & the main players in the EU, Germany & France are excoriating Greece as though they themselves are pure as the driven snow. Apart from anything else Germany in World War II did commit all of this; all mentioned above. The Germans are in no position to preach to anyone. They were helped greatly by the United States & others after World War II. Germany has been the recipient of huge amounts of debt cancellation & was given aid to help it become what it has become & has been for many decades – a massive economic super power. Greece will never become an economic super power. Indeed it can never recover from the present crisis by cut-backs to hospitals & so on.
It is about time they were forgiven their economic profligacy & helped to become again part of the European family.

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